Making Memories


A photograph is worth a thousand words,   Making those memories last forever by capturing them in a photograph is something I  love to do.  Lets make some memories, tell a story, and capture a moment in time. 

Our Approach


I take great pleasure in showcasing a style and philosophy on professional photography.  I understand that everyone has an independent expression of who they are, my goal is to capture that unique quality and give you a beautiful folio.  ​ When you hire Virginia Macko Photography you get a personalized experienced that is fun and exciting.   It is a collaboration between you and the photographer , and the end result is beautiful  portraits.  

What to Expect


You can expect your  session to last a minimum 1.5 hours but can be longer depending on your needs.  You can expect multiple looks and unlimited outfit changes.  You an expect professional retouched photos  that are professionally printed. 

The story behind the name


The name Image Twenty Three formerly Virgiinia Macko Photography was created in October of 2019.   It came to me on the day of my daughters 1 year remission.  The day is significant because it is not only the  day of my birth but also the day my daughter was given a new  life through a bone marrow transplant.     January 23, 2018

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